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Kilts 101

So, you want to wear a kilt?

Unsure how to measure kilt size? We have easy to understand kilt measurement instructions to ensure you get the best possible fit.

Let's get started. Make sure you are dressed in light clothing as bulky or oversized clothing could make your measurements inaccurate and result in a garment that is too big. Empty your pockets of any personal items and resist the urge to suck in that tummy! Stay as relaxed as possible with your arms down at your sides.

Wrap your tape measure snugly around your natural waist, usually at your belly button or slightly above. Next, measure loosely around your hips, including the widest part of your seat. Then kneel on the floor with a nice, straight back and measure from your belly button to the floor. This number should be about one-third of your height.

Select the appropriate waist, hip and length figures from our easy online form, choose your preferred tartan and you're done. Your custom tailored kilt will be delivered to your door in 8 to 12 weeks.

Need a visual primer? Check out our simple and entertaining Kilt 101 video that outlines all you need to know, including an overview of the styles available and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the fitting process. Don't hesitate to contact us if you still need assistance.

Obtaining precise measurements is important since each kilt is tailored to your unique body size and shape. This results in a beautiful, custom garment that will be a treasured part of your wardrobe for years to come. 

Measuring Instructions

1. Wear light clothing to avoid measuring on bulky items

2. Empty your pockets of keys, wallet, cellphone etc.

3. Relax, don't suck in and keep your arms down at all times.

4. Measure SNUG around the waist, which should lie at your belly button or a bit above.

5. Measure LOOSLY at the hips, and include the fullest part of the seat.

6. With a straight back, kneel on the floor and measure from your belly button waist to the floor.  

    It should work out to about 1/3 of your height. (ie; 24" on a 6 foot tall man)

7. Get ready to look awesome!